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Spider therapy unit

The Spider Therapy Unit is the other way the Universal Exercise Unit can be utilized. The device suspends the child in the middle of the cage supported by a belt connected to 4-8 elastic bungees and hence the name “Spider” was derived from the children who have practiced their functional skills using this tool.

The main objective of this device is to train the child’s brain of the proper center of gravity in a way helping the core muscles to control by adjusting the body’s alignment and position in space. The auditory and visual control system will also gain competence in providing a proper feedback thereby enhancing the child’s confidence in doing all the voluntary movement from lying to sitting to quadruped unto crawling, kneeling, standing, walking and jumping. These activities make the children feel safe and secure because we have eliminated their fear from falling.

Core muscle strengthening and reflex postural correction are two of the main advantages of doing the spider therapy. Controlling the degree of the support will depend on the severity of the case of each patient. The goal of this exercise is to encourage the child to move without fear thus inspiring him to do the series of pre-planned activities while having fun. Most importantly this somehow makes the child feels like a normal kid because he/she has experienced what other normal kids can do.

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