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Pulley System


Pulley system is a device consisting of pulleys, cords, stabilizers and graded weights attached to the specific weak or spastic muscle. This therapy is to strengthen and stretch the weak and spastic muscles in a unique way with or without involving other muscle groups and with or without the elimination of gravity. In addition to muscle strengthening and active stretching, this will also increase the active range of motion, muscle flexibility and endurance while preventing the formation of possible contractures in the future.

This device is an effective tool in the measurement of the extent of the improvement in that specific weak or spastic muscle strength and the range of its motion. With the use of this device even the child who has just moved that muscle or limb can now develop muscle power, flexibility and endurance from the series of succeeding sessions given by our experienced therapists.

The child in the pulley system begins the exercise starting with the lowest weights then gradually increasing the weigh as he gains muscle power. When the child is able to lift the lowest weights actively all over the ranges of that involved muscle’s motion then the next in line weight will then be applied accordingly. This is an accurate and objective way to measure the strength, range of active motion, flexibility and endurance of the specific muscle(s). Carrying out various exercises using this unit will enable the child to use his lower limbs and upper limbs with ease.

Using this device to develop the strength of the weak muscle involved will correct the main cause of most motor delay cases. The functional goals of acquiring the abilities of sitting, crawling, creeping, kneeling, standing, walking, balance and coordination will then be rapidly observed in our all our compliant  patients.

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