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And all tools which used in traditional therapy

Traditional Physical Therapy is the standard protocol of every Rehabilitation Centers including us. The only difference is that the traditional form of the rehabilitation therapy supports our Intensive Therapy Treatment Program.

Aerobic/Endurance Therapy are timed run/walk/wheel tests using set distances and stopwatches, Functional Strength/Endurance involves the repetitions of sit-to-stand, step-ups, sit-ups, or push-ups activities and the strength buildup comprising of weights, reps, and sets for progressive resistive exercises (PREs) are all under the Traditional Physical Therapy Treatment Plan which are practiced from all of the Rehabilitation Centers in the world.

The center is fully equipped with all gait training materials, balance boards, ladders, stairs and slope in line with this kind of therapy treatment. All of the above devices will also be in use for the TheraSuit Therapy of our Intensive Therapy Program to increase the strength of the muscles.

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Intensive Therapy Program